We are a packaging manufacturer founded in 1970 with a very clear objective: to be leaders in the market by providing flexibility in our services and innovation in our products.

Our business started in Fuenlabrada with the manufacture of polyethylene bags for food and textile stores, bags that were initially printed using only 2 inks.

The first industrial customers began to arrive soon after, demanding not only a higher quality of printing, but also the manufacture of more consistent materials for use in automated packaging machines. Our response to that demand was to incorporate 8-ink printing lines and 3-layer coextruders.

But packaging was constantly evolving and the market was becoming increasingly competitive, which led us to focus on the research and innovation of new products. Our success in turn led us to expand our operational capacity with the opening of a new plant in Illescas and with the incorporation of 10-colour presses, which represented a huge leap in print quality.

Obviously, at Zermatt we have never been oblivious to environmental concerns. That is why we are not only strict in complying with regulations, but we take things a step further by investigating, for example, new combinations of materials that allow us to reduce the thickness of flexible bags and packaging, and therefore, the amount of material used.